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To participate, please register by clicking on your participating state’s tab at the top, and complete your registration on the GotSoccer platform. The team registration fee is $675 for both girls and boys U15 and U16 brackets.

The Spring Invitational is the first of our 3 tournament events in 2024, leading up to our champions tournament in December, The Best of the West Championship. We will invite the teams from the West Coast to battle it in California, where we will crown the winners as the 2024 Best of the West.


Athletes First, The Future of Soccer Is Now

Our mission at Best of the West Championship Series is to present a platform for Soccer athletes to perform at the highest of their abilities. In the process, our responsibility is to spotlight athletes’ talents and abilities in order to bring them closer to their long term Soccer dreams and aspirations. Our tournaments are designed to help elevate the athletes of tomorrow and advance the future of Soccer.

Tournament Operations

Our vision for our soccer events is to produce a competitive yet safe environment for all involved included athletes, coaches, spectators , officials, athletic trainers, production team and organizers.

  • 11 v 11 – Maximum roster size: 18
  • 2 – 40 minute halves
  • 10 min halftime break between halves during games
  • 1 hour break between games.
  • Guaranteed 3 games upon entering a full bracket.
  • Opening round of 8 determines what bracket your team will continue in. Winning teams of opening round will enter the BATTLE FOR GOLD Bracket. Runner up teams of the opening round will enter the BATTLE FOR BRONZE Bracket.
  • Winner of BATTLE FOR GOLD bracket final takes 1st place, runner up of BATTLE FOR GOLD bracket final takes 2nd place. Winner of BATTLE FOR BRONZE bracket final takes 3rd place place.
  • We guarantee you 3 soccer games when you enter full bracket. We crown 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place team trophies.
  • Runner up teams from each bracket’s round of 4 will play each other in each team’s 3rd game of the day.
  • If a match ends in a draw, winner is decided by team with most shots on goal recorded. No PK’s. No OT.
  • Winners of soccer games ending in draw are decided by teams that went for the score most in regulation.
  • Our soccer tournament goal is to produce exciting games for the teams, players, and the spectators.
  • There is ZERO TOLERANCE for unsportsmanlike behavior from spectators, coaches, nor athletes towards anyone whatsoever. Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification.

Thank you, and welcome to the Best of The West Championship Series.

Diego Pruitt

Sylvie Barnett

Director of Operations

Eddie Perez

California Tournaments Coordinator

Jessica Lopez

Nevada Tournaments Coordinator

Justin Haggerty

Colorado Tournament Coordinator

Denise Khumalo

California Associate Coordinator

Alex Lasko

Colorado Associate Coordinator

Ashley Davis

Nevada Associate Coordinator